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7 Doubts About Digital Marketing Course You Should Clarify

7 Doubts About Digital Marketing Course You Should Clarify


If you look at the last 4-5 years it was easy to bring traffic to your website and rank it on the first pages of search engines. Nowadays the internet has been crowded by various websites because of the increased use of the internet. And this led to the evolution of Digital Marketing for the promotion of personal or professional businesses. The stats says 34% of the population of India uses the internet and this number will be increasing day by day.

Someone has said that if you run a business and you are not promoting it using online mediums then you are moving towards a huge loss. Understanding this fact many businesses are adopting digital marketing and hence it has increased the number of vacancies being generated by every type of industry.

If you are the one who is thinking of pursuing the Digital Marketing Certification Course, then you are in the right place. Following are some questions and answers to clear your doubts. After reading this if you still have doubts then comment your question below and you will get the answer.

Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Course

Who can do Digital Marketing Course?

The answer to this question is literally “Anyone” with basic computer knowledge. Whether you are a graduate, postgraduate, working person, housewife, etc., you can surely enroll in the course.

I’m pursuing my graduation, can I do the course? 

Yes of course. Before the completion of your graduation, you will have a course completion certificate in your hand which is going to add the feather in your cap and make your resume stronger in comparison to others. Especially, if you are pursuing a degree in management then Digital Marketing Course is a “must-do” thing.
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Can I do freelancing after the Digital Marketing course?

Sure. You can start working from your comfort zone and start earning for your work. There are many sites like and Fiverr from where you can get projects and start earning. You can take on projects while you are working. You can take as many projects as you want and topics you want to work on. The only disadvantage of freelancing is it is not counted as an experience when you are looking for a job. But if you want to earn some extra income then freelancing is the best option.

Can I get a job after completing the course?

There will be more than 20 lakh jobs produced until 2020 in which industries like Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Entertainment, etc are and will be actively looking for Digital Marketing Experts. After completing the course, you can get a job in any individual business or a digital marketing agency where you can work on a variety of projects.

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What is the salary range that one can get after the course?

If you are doing the course because your current jobs demand and if you choose to work in the same field as you were working before then you can get a hike on it. If you are going to join as a fresher then the salary range will be 10-18K in the market. And if you are an experienced person with 2-3 years of experience, then you will get a salary between 20-45K.

Are certificates important in Digital Marketing? 

Yes. To enter into digital marketing companies expect you to be at least a course-certified person. Apart from the course completion certificate, there are other certificates too which include, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Hubspot Content Marketing, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Hootsuite Social Media Marketing, etc. So depending on the position you are applying for, these certifications are required but sometimes not compulsory.

Which method is good for doing the course? Online or Classroom?

It depends on your choice. In an online course, you get a free video to watch after completion of the course, and in-classroom training there is a two-way interaction. In the classroom course, you get to solve the doubts immediately and are chances of exchanging knowledge in the discussion. But if you are not able to attend the course in an institute then you can opt for the online course.

Hope you got answers to all your questions.

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