5 Job Portals to Find Digital Marketing Jobs & Internships in Pune

5 Job Portals to Find Digital Marketing Jobs & Internships in Pune


Doing a job after graduation or PG is every student’s dream. A few years ago finding a job was much easier than today. The only option in previous years for finding a job was to know someone who is already working in a company to get referred by him/her or the newspaper section which includes available vacancies.

Nowadays things have changed in terms of finding skillful talent in private companies. The recruitment industry has evolved along with the advancement in technology where companies today demand special skills to fulfill their growth objectives. And to get a job in a private company is no longer limited to reference or an ad newspaper or magazine etc.

Here in this blog post, we decided to offer a list of Top 5 Job Portals in India that will make your job search in Digital Marketing easier. Before moving to the list it is also important to know that the quality of the job portal indicates the quality of the job advertised on it. So after research, we are giving you these Free Job Portals in India which are surely worth trying to find your dream job.

1. Naukri.com

Naukri.com is the first choice if you ask any individual who is an expert in suggesting jobs and job portals. It has and always been the most trusted job portal for freshers as well as experienced employees.


About The Job Portal:

Naukri.com is a job portal founded in the year 1997 and expanded rapidly occupying 60% of the Indian job search market. Statistical data says the job portal receives 10,000 resumes daily in every field. The job portal is completely FREE to everyone. But it also offers a premium subscription service to showcase the best matching jobs depending on the profile. The premium version is not compulsory as it’s the choice of every individual to take it or not. The name of the premium version is Naukri FastForward Service which contains features like resume writing, priority application visibility, connection to recruiters, etc.

The job portal has an app that you can download and access easily whenever you want.

To get more visibility on this portal, keep updating your profile. This will make sure recruiters you’re active in the job search.

Naukri has data of lakhs of jobs in Digital Marketing, and the platform provides both options i.e. Digital Marketing Internship and Digital Marketing Employment.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform with multiple benefits where a newbie or experienced people learn to grow as professional people and can also act as a job portal. It allows people to connect with people related to their field irrespective of geographical location. It is considered one of the best professionals job portals due to its benefits.


About the Job Portal:

The platform is like a social networking site but for business-related people. It is founded in the year 2002. The basic membership for people is free but its premium version has some added benefits. On this portal, profile acts your resume which includes your educational details and working details along with skills. You can increase connections with matching education or the company you have worked with. It provides visibility of members up to 3rd connection for basic membership people.

LinkedIn has a dedicated app for job search which you easily download on your mobile and use it.

You have to be active on this platform and grow connections with the people. If you use this platform wisely, it can also give leads to your business free of cost. It also has given many jobs to top people in organizations by recommendations.

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3. Internshala

Internshala is specially launched to offer internships and online course training to students across India, before or after their degree. To date, the platform has 3.5 million students and 80,000 companies on record who post internships and students can apply for them. After application, the process of joining an internship depends on the company. Some of the internships provide an attractive stipend and some do not. You can choose companies where you think it will add practical knowledge which will help you further on your career path.

To search the Digital Marketing Internship in Pune, you can type Digital Marketing in the search field and then select the city. You will get a list of internships available and you are ready to apply.


About the Job Portal:

The company is founded in the year 2010 by IITian Sarvesh Agarwal. The company aims to strengthen practical skills of students and help them in career. The FREE internship provider platform is trusted by many students where people from all fields can try their efforts. It has also an assignment program to test your progress in the training period.

4. Glassdoor

Many people who work in MNC companies or any other private company have a fear to talk about the company culture. Many people want a work-life balance to maintain everything else. Here comes Glassdoor. It’s the platform where employees can write honest reviews about their previous companies or current companies anonymously. This helps further people to understand the culture of the company. Along with a review site Glassdoor also acts as a job portal.


About the Job Portal:

Glassdoor is founded in 2007 headquartered in California. It allows you to upload your resume on the portal and search for jobs in the respective fields. The FREE job portal allows you to connect with the company employers and get your dream job. All you have to do is search for the related keyword and get a list of jobs available in the company. That’s it.

Glassdoor also has an app for easy access to find jobs and reviews.

5. Indeed

Indeed is a job portal to find digital marketing jobs and internships in India. The platform is trusted by many people and helped to get the desired job. The job portal is pretty simple to use and has a great user interface where people from every field can find a job in their preferred city. It is sort of a search engine to find the vacancies available. It has filters to narrow down the search and get easy access to what you want exactly.

Indeed has an app that is easily downloadable and gets access to job vacancies.


About the Job Portal:

The job portal is founded in 2004 and has expanded in 60 countries including India. The website has lakhs of jobs posted daily which broadens the chances of getting job seekers hired. You can simply create an account, post your resume and search for jobs. The search window includes the keyword and preferred city to serve the best jobs.

E.g. If you are finding Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune then type Digital Marketing in what section and Pune in the where section.

Summing up this, here are some common things to take care of when you apply for jobs on these portals.

  • Make your resume stronger.
  • The most preferred choice is to upload a PDF file of your resume so no one can alter it.
  • Keep it professional.
  • Use related keywords to your work so that your resume gets more visibility from recruiters.
  • Fill in all the necessary details about you. (Name, Education, Phone Number to Call, Preferred Location for Job, etc.)

Note: No job portal asks you for the money in exchange for a job. Whereas some portals provide a premium subscription to offer the best matching jobs for your profile.

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