Top 7 Best Data Analyst Courses in Pune

Top 7 Best Data Analyst Courses in Pune 2024

Top 7 Best Data Analyst Courses in Pune 2024


Are you looking for a career in Data Analyst? You must be coming up with many questions related to Data analysis, well, here we are to share with you some vital information regarding the role, from where, and why you should make a career in it. Here we will not only provide you with details of the Best Data Analyst Courses in Pune but also suggest and explain the importance, placement, and job opportunities you have in this data-related world. Currently, it is imperative for companies to focus on data and their analysis. Data is one most essential things that make and break a company. In today’s world, data plays a significant role and you have many big companies that are offering you jobs for Data Analysts, especially in a city like Pune, which is going to be the next big IT hub. Also, there are many institutes and classes that are offering Data Analytics Courses in Pune.

Let’s move on to details on how a Data Analyst works, its role, and other essential things.

Well, a Data Analyst’s job is to collect data, process them, and then analyze it to make the final decision on how to make new strategies and achieve new goals. They work on a large scale by analyzing data and identifying the patterns, correlations, and trends resulting in ​​operational improvements, successful business strategies, and other data-driven initiatives. 

Data Analyst Courses in Pune
Data Analyst Courses in Pune

Some of the responsibilities of a data analyst are as follows:-

  1. Data Collection: A Data Analyst gathers or accumulates a collection of data from various databases, spreadsheets, and APIs ensuring accuracy and data quality before analysis.
  2. Data Cleaning and Preparation: Collecting raw data has errors, inconsistencies, errors, missing values that need to be cleaned before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): Here, to identify outliers, and understand the structure of data, EDA involves the use of visualization and statistical techniques. 
  4. Report Generation: He or she needs to generate a report after completion and analysis of data that summarizes their trends, findings, insights, and recommendations. 
  5. Continuous Learning: Well, one needs to continuously learn the latest tools, techniques and trends to remain efficient in their job.
  6. Tools and Technologies: Here, they need to have good skills in querying databases by using Excel, SQL and Python, R programming languages, and Tableau or Power BI tools for visualization.
  7. Collaboration: They need to have good cooperation with data scientists, engineers, and stakeholders to understand the project goal and deliver with best business objectives.
  8. Visualization: The job of Data analysts is to represent the insights to their stakeholders in the best and easiest way as they belong to a non-technical background. They make them understand by creating visual graphs, dashboards, and charts.

Top 7 Best Data Analyst Courses in Pune 2024


Next, let us get to the Best classes and Institutes that provide Data Analyst Courses in Pune



May it be India or any other country, the requirement for a Data Analyst will be there for quite a few decades. You can get the best Data Analytics Training in Pune from Seven Mentors. They not only provide intensive training programs but also placement support. Well, to pursue a Data Analyst, you don’t need to require math or any other qualitative background. Seven Mentors offer this course with eligibility of Freshers, BE/BSc Candidate

Any Post-Graduate, Any Engineers or Graduate or Working Professionals. Well, their trainers are certified professionals with an experience of more than 8 years. Their certification is accredited by many global companies around the world. They provide training from beginner to expert level with 90 hours duration. More than 2000+ students are trained by them completing 100 batches so far.

Contacts Details 

Phone number: +91 77980 58777

Email Id:

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They have a collaboration with IBM that provides you an expertise in Data Analyst. You can gain your understanding in this growing field and this is the second best place where you can find all the information and data to pursue yourself in this career. Well, they have a fee of 54000 for now. Simplilearn helps to develop skills for real career growth, they also provide you with experts in the active field that work on your real-world problems. Trained by more than thousands of students with experienced trainers, Simplilearn can be one of the best choices you can make. 

Contacts Details

Address: Sky Loft, Opposite the Airport Road, Golf Course Shastrinagar, Yerawada Pune

Phone number: 1800-212-7688

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Founded in 2014, you can secure your career as a Data Analyst with Excelr having more than 2000 hiring partners. They have 3 types of course classrooms, virtual classroom and combo offers. The prices vary according to the type of course you choose. They have a top-class trainer from MNCs, dedicated Placement, a Network of 350+ corporate companies, and real-life data projects with 60+ case studies. Their program highlights with Exhaustive Course Curriculum providing practical exposure to the theory, Job Readiness that allows candidates to prepare for interviews, Top-Notch Faculty with 12+ years of experience,33 Real-life Projects and boot camps. For more information, you can contact them at the below-given details.  

Contact Details

Phone number: 098809 13504

Location Address: 101A, First floor, Siddh Icon, Opposide Lane To Royal Enfield, showroom, Baner Road, Pune.


3RI Technologies

They provide 100% job-assured training for both beginners and data professionals. They have a duration of 5 months course with 4 live projects, 24 x 7-lifetime support, certification, and job assistance. According to 3RI, around 50,000 jobs are available for Data Analyst. These five positions are Data Engineer, Analytical Manager, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engine, a statistical expert specialized in programming. The placement clients of 3RI technologies are BMC, Thought Work, Synerzip, Survik and Zensar. In addition, they have an 8 to 10 module Syllabus, which are :

  1. Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Data Science
  2. Python for Data Science
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Machine Learning in the Cloud
  5. Data Visualisation with Tableau/PowerBI
  6. RDBMS: Complete SQL
  7. MS Excel
  8. Project Work and Case Studies

Contact Details

Phone number: +91-8308103366

Email id: 


SEED Infotech

This institute known as SEED Infotech offers a part-time and full-time Data Analyst Course in Pune. It has a strong presence in Pune providing students the data and skills required for excel in data analysis. The designed course is prepared in a way to ensures the students the real-world data analysis challenges.

The curriculum of the Data Analyst Course in SEED infotech includes:

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Data Interpretation and Reporting
  3. Database Management
  4. Data Manipulation
  5. Industry-Relevant Projects
  6. Machine Learning Basics
  7. Statistical Analysis
  8. Data Visualization
  9. Introduction to Data Analysis
  10. Predictive Modeling

Placement Support

Well, they provide support for placement after completion of their course. You can visit their official website for more information, as they have mentioned many hiring partners who are associated with SEED infotech 


Here, to make a career or opt for this course, one needs to have an understanding or a background in statistics, computer science, and mathematics. It might be helpful if you have a basic knowledge of programming Python or R.

Contact Details

Phone number: +91-9225520000

Location: ‘Nalanda’, Opp. Gandhi Lawns, Beside Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School, Gulawani Maharaj Road, Erandawana, Pune-411004

Email id:

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Imarticus Learning

The institute offers a postgraduate program in Data Analyst for a duration of 6 months. They run this program for 300+ hours, 25+ projects and more than 10 tools. They also have placement partners like Moody Analytics, Infosys, KPMG, Accenture, IBM, Goldman Sachs and many others. Their module includes some basic programming for non-programmers. Their core tracks are Introduction to NLP and Text Analytics, Introduction to Deep Learning and AI, Ensemble Modelling Techniques and tools like SQL, Data Visualisation with Power BI and Tableau, Spark, Excel and Python. Karthik C is the Head of Analytics here, he is an Ex-Amazon and Ex-Musigma with experience of more than 9 years. 

Contact Details

Phone number: +91-9953953040

Location Address:  Imarticus Learning Pvt Ltd, Building No – 562, Congress Bhavan, 5, Congress House Rd, Shivajinagar, Pune – 411005



They offer an online and offline 75 hours of intensive Data Analytics Course. Their course is designed by IT professionals with many years of knowledge and experience. Their curriculum is on a strong foundation and business world with hands-on practice in Python programming. 

Here, you will get to learn the following topics:-

  1. Data analysis using advanced Excel
  2. Introduction to Python programming language
  3. Setting up and installing a Python environment for development
  4. Advanced Python modules and their usage
  5. Knowledge of Python statements, functions and methods
  6. File and exception handling in Python
  7. Data wrangling
  8. Understanding of Python objects and data structures
  9. Python libraries Numpy and Pandas
  10. Data visualization using Python, libraries: Matplotlib and Seaborn
  11. Techniques for data cleaning and preparation
  12. Joining, understanding of Python objects, data structures and many more.

Contact Details

Phone number: +91 8600998107

Location: 3rd Floor, Plot No 7, Common Wealth Society, Aundh, Pune 411007


Now, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions arising in your mind:

Q1: What is a Data Analyst and what does it entail?

A:  This course provides analyst skills and knowledge which is required to process, analyze, collect, and interpret data. 

Q2: What tools and technologies are usually covered in a Data Analyst course?

A: Excel, Python, or R for data manipulation and analysis are the tools covered in it. Also, Tableau or Power BI are Data visualization tools, and Basic knowledge of SQL querying and database are taught.

Q3: How do I choose the best and right Data Analyst course in Pune?

A9: Firstly, you need to compare the course with their price and duration. Then, based on factors such as practical exposure, curriculum, placement support,  faculty and reviews from alumni you can decide accordingly.

Q4: What is the average salary for a Data Analyst in Pune?

A: An average salary a Data Analyst can earn is around 3 to 6 lakhs per annum. I also depend on their experience, organization and industry. Note, that this salary can increase with time and experience.  

Q5: Why do you choose Data Analyst?

A: This is a challenging career as a Data Analyst needs to work with different teams as these teams need insights on improving their processes. Data analytics is a fast-paced, problem-solving solving and in-demand skill that has a great future and great career growth.