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7 Proven Benefits of Landing Pages for Expanding Your Business

7 Proven Benefits of Landing Pages for Expanding Your Business


Ever got the question what is the difference between a landing page and any other page on the website? How it is useful for your business? How does it look like? Does it really need? This blog post is the answer to all these questions.

First of all, a landing page is not the home page of your website. It is an online page that summerise your website. It consists of everything from the introduction, services to contact your business information. The complete website is described on a single page is called Landing Page.

Following is an example of a landing page where the problem is described and the solution is given.

Landing Pages
Landing Pages

The landing page has different names. Some people call it a destination page, some call it a static page, while some call it a capture page. The ultimate goal of the landing page is to attract people and convince them to take a particular action to become a customer.

A Landing page has many other benefits to give. Following is a list of benefits a landing page can offer.

1. Increases Conversion Rate

A Business website consists of complete information about your business that captures the attention of people and approaches you to take your service. The same is the functioning of the landing page. If you are running Google ads that are landing people on a specific landing page, then the chances of getting authentic leads are high. The landing page design is such that it makes it easy for people to take action. This technique has been termed a “call to action”. This way you will end up doing more business you will get more leads and hence more money by offering your service.

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2. A/B Testing Landing Pages

A/B testing or split testing is a blessing for marketers. While creating a landing page, makers might have more than one ideas in mind that they think will work. For this, you can make 2 landing pages with the same objective but with different headlines. Once these pages are live, users are automatically divided and sent on 2 pages. After a certain time, you can analyze and calculate the conversion rate to decide which page is running better and then continue running the winning page.

3. Reduces Distraction of User

The main motto people opt to create a landing page is to focus on their main objective. The objective can be generating leads, driving traffic, creating awareness, provide information, offering free pdf or books, etc. And while trying to fulfill your main objective, there are many chances of users getting distracted because of external links, ads, video, etc on the website. If one uses the home page or any other website page as a landing page, then there are enough items to distract a user. The landing page avoids all these distractions and makes users focus on the main content.

4. Different Pages for Different Search

You can create different landing pages depending on the keywords. Let’s take an example here. For a specific keyword like “1 BHK Flats for Sale” you can create a landing page describing your facilities, area, price, etc., and for another keyword like “Hotels in Pune” you can create a list of hotels on the landing page giving all necessary information.

To stand out for two different keywords you can optimize your landing page by inserting keywords into URL, Title, body, and images and target related users.

5. Improves SEO Ranking

As we all know content is the king of Digital Marketing. To sustain in the competitive market, you have to constantly create relevant and quality content. Doing this will help you to increase visibility on the top pages of different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The most common thing to rank on these search engines is quality content and proper optimization of landing pages.

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6. Increase Email Subscription List

Most commonly landing pages are used for lead generation. Whether the users are coming on the landing page from Email campaigns or Google search, they are mostly asked to provide their information like Name, Number, Email address, etc. This is one of the techniques to gather leads and then approach them with your business service. While taking information from users, you can also add a button called “opt-in” to gather their email addresses. Later you can add these mail addresses to your email list to send them Newsletters, promotions, sales, etc.

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7. Brand Awareness

And finally, this is the goal of every business. To make your brand remembered in the user’s mind, the design part matters. Its style, look, colors, presentation, everything makes an impact. Doing this gives your users chances to remember you when they meet you again online. It’s normal human behavior that anyone will like to buy from the place they believe. And they will believe if you make them remember and believe.

In a nutshell, landing pages are subjected to gain a specific goal related to your business. They are a major part of a successful marketing campaign. Try making and using landing pages in your next marketing campaigns and tell us your story.

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