Discover Types of Videos for Marketing Your Business

Discover Types of Videos for Marketing Your Business

Discover Types of Videos for Marketing Your Business


In the previous blog, we read 5 Best Free Video Creating and Editing Tools and how will it help to expand Businesses. In this blog post, in short, we’ll know about the types of videos that you can create for your business.

Marketing Your Business
Marketing Your Business

Here we go:

Brand Videos: These are the videos that tell your audience about your brand, mission, and product or service that it provides. Brand videos are typically made for campaigns for a specific motto like building trust and engage a new audience.

Demo Videos: If you are the company that sells a particular product or service then you should use demo videos. As the name suggests these videos guide new customers on how to use the product and its features. e.g. If you are a software-making company then you can tell your audience about how to use the software. Demo video gives a high chance to convert a visitor into your customer.

Event Videos: If your company has held a conference somewhere or has organized a round table discussion then you can make a video on that also. It is one of the great methods to shoot highlights of an event to share their experience.

Explainer Videos: Explainer Videos are typically short videos of length 30-90 seconds that quickly explain how the specific product work and how it is useful for the audience. It tells its audience what is it and how it can help to solve the problem of the audience.

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Live Videos: It is the best way to communicate with your audience and build trust. These types of videos are mostly used by celebrities but no one has stopped it using them for businesses. Live videos allow you to chit-chat in real-time with your audience and on different social media platforms whether it be like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Expert Interviews: Every business is built by some inspiration whether it is a person or company, who is well established today and to whom people follow. You can contact some experts related to your business and invite them for an interview. This will influence your audience and enhance your business.

Testimonial: No person would like to buy your business product or service without he or she felt assured. In this case, testimonials help a lot. You can ask your previous customers to share their reviews about your company’s product or service starting from their problem and how they get benefitted from you.


Animation: If cost is the concern in making a video or your product is complicated to convince the audience then you can take the help of an animated video. There is plenty of software too which can help you to create an animated video for your business. Animated videos are the best thing to create because you can explain the hardest thing without artists, cameras, and all stuff. You can make 2D or 3D Videos depending on your need.


Culture Video: For a good company, good employees are necessary. And to retain good employees, the culture of the company matters. If you have to build a good culture in your company then you can make culture videos. Culture videos are a small part of something that happens in your company as a celebration of someone’s birthday or employee interview or office trip or anything. This will attract new and talented and bright candidates.


Well, these are some ideas to make a video for your business for marketing purposes. Before you start shooting a video for your business first know what kind of video you want to make. Deciding this will help you to identify a suitable platform for marketing the video. E.g. if it’s a brand video then you can embed it on your website so that visitors can easily understand your brand. If you are a product-based company then you can share it with your customers as guidance on using the product.

75% of Businesses say that video helped them to increase their revenue. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors then Video Marketing is the best option. To learn more things like Video Marketing, you can join the Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Pune to shape your career in Digital Marketing.

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