Why Video Marketing Is Important For Businesses Today? (Shocking Stats That Will Blow Your Mind!)

Why Video Marketing Is Important For Businesses Today? (Shocking Stats That Will Blow Your Mind!)

Why Video Marketing Is Important For Businesses Today? (Shocking Stats That Will Blow Your Mind!)


Videos are the most preferred choice to consumers that text and videos. It is not only limited to increase engagement but a lot more than it which we will see furthermore in the article. It has tremendous benefits for any type of business and its use is increasing day by day. According to stats provided by Wyzowl, video marketing has been used by more than 63% today. If you are still thinking about whether you should start making videos and promote then you are falling apart. To understand the importance of Video Marketing here are some shocking stats that will surely make you shocking.

  • 75 million people in the USA prefer to watch videos each day.
  • YouTube – A video-sharing platform is the second largest search website.
  • More than 500 million hours are watched on YouTube.
  • More than 50% of users are on mobile and watch videos on the same.
  • In the coming 5 years, Facebook will be all of the video content- Said a Facebook Executive.
  • Videos on Facebook Page increase end-user engagement by 33%.
  • Facebook gets 8 million views on all videos every day.
  • Videos of length up to 2 minutes, receive more engagement.
  • Among all the user internet time, 1/3rd of time is spent watching videos.
  • Watched Videos have an 80% recall rate in the next 30 days.
  • Videos can make boost the conversion rate by 80%.
  • 82% of users watch videos on Twitter.
  • Mentioning the word “video” in E-mail gives an 18% increment in Email Opening and 65% in CTR.
  • 92 people of 100, are likely to share the video when they watch it.
  • Social Media posts that include videos are watched 48% more than the ones with just text or image.
  • Video on a landing page increases the conversion by 80%.
  • Videos are capable to attract 300% more traffic that increases the number of leads.
  • 80% of people prefer to watch a product video than to read the description.
  • Videos on the website help to increase the organic result by 50%.

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Why Video Marketing Is Important For Businesses Today
Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing:

Boost Conversion & Sales:

Video can directly lead to sales. 75% of users who watch product or service explainer videos, immediately go for buying it. If we try to understand human behavior then the person remembers more information in visual than it in reading. If images can boost engagement then no need to talk about the impact of Videos.

Increased ROI:

83% of businesses have experienced good Return on Investment (ROI) using videos. Though it is a fact that making videos is not easy and cheap but this doesn’t stop you from creating your own. You can take the help of online video making and edition tools available. There are plenty of tools that are absolutely free and you can use your creativity to make a better video. You can also read about Video Making & Editing Tools here.

Brand Trust:

To make a brand trust is the most important thing. Just a few images and text is not enough to explain the product as well as the confidence to buy it. To gain the trust of consumers, videos help a lot that ultimately lead to increased sales.

Boost Ranking in SERP:

YouTube is famous as a video-sharing platform and it is the second largest search website. YouTube is owned by Google and making video and embedding it on your website page helps to increase organic ranking. It ultimately helps you to retain visitors to your website for a long time that signals to Google that you have good content on your website.

Then what are you waiting for? Start sharing video content on different platforms and boost your business significantly.

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