7 Things To Consider If You Want To Be A Youtuber: A Beginners Guide

7 Things To Consider If You Want To Be A Youtuber: A Beginners Guide

7 Things To Consider If You Want To Be A Youtuber: A Beginners Guide


You might know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. In terms of stats, YouTube gets 30 million viewers per day. YouTubers from all over the world, upload more than 100 hours of videos every hour and their owners make thousand to lakhs of dollars from that. If you want to know more about YouTube then read the full article where you will get to know deeper knowledge.

Youtuber: A Beginners Guide
Youtuber: A Beginners Guide

Why YouTube?

Video content is the most liked content among Text. Images & Infographics. It has several benefits for a business like greater engagement in product or service, better understanding, increased organic traffic, and more conversions. This is for businesses who want to make more business presence on social media. If you are an individual who has some sort of talent and has a creative mind then you can definitely make use of YouTube as your Career option as well as to earn money.

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Types of YouTube Marketing Videos

If you have watched carefully, you might have observed a variety of channels that make videos with awesome content. To start your channel the very first thing is to understand the types of videos that you will be making and entertain your audience. Following is a list to understand YouTube video types.

Educational Videos: These types of videos are famous among anyone who wants to learn something new. For example, you can consider language-speaking videos where people learn a specific language. Also, there are videos for students teaching academics subjects conveying things in a visual format.

How-to Videos: How-to videos help the audience learn how to do a specific task. These types of videos get lakhs of views and are watched over and over. This type includes beauty, technical, emotion control, fitness or provides information on general things.

Vlogs: Vlogs are nothing but a video blog or video log where a person shares his or her daily life, thoughts, and feelings. The content for this is unscripted, genuine, and based on a particular topic.

Product Review Videos: These types of videos are made to share their experience in a particular product or service. Before trying anything people are likely to do research and that’s where Product Review videos come in. In fact, this can include movie reviews too.

Best of Videos: These videos can also be said listicle videos where the channel shares a list of products, services, or experiences with their audience. Many people are found who are searching for information about places to travel, clothes to wear for a party, top books to read, etc.


Find Your Niche To Start a Channel

Before thinking to start YouTube Channel it is very important to know your deep interest. Some YouTubers started a channel, grew well, and after a certain time fail to engage the audience. Choose such an area to start a channel that you are highly interested in and never get bored to make a video with something new content idea. Ask yourself as many questions which will answer you to run the channel for a long time.

Develop Marketing Strategy

The very first thing is creating genuine and interesting content that will make the audience watch your video till the last. Secondly, research your audience and make a plan on which days you will publish your videos and be regular. Thirdly, create a variety of videos that will be liked by your audience and will help you to grow your viewers.

Video Equipments

Nowadays, mobile technology has got so advanced that there are plenty of phones with good pixel cameras. If you have one then you don’t need to buy a special expensive camera for that. But if you want your videos to look more professional, you can choose to buy a camera & microphone and that also works.

SEO of YouTube Videos

Like SEO for text, the format is important, it is equally important for videos also. You need to do proper research for keywords, make attractive and SEO-friendly titles, write a description, use relevant tags, use catchy thumbnails, etc. You can also provide social media profile links to connect with your audience. To learn more about SEO, you can go for a Digital Marketing Course in Pune.

Making Money

Creating a YouTube channel and earning money from the same are many different things. Again there are many ways to make money from your YouTube channel. You can apply Adsense to your channel and make income through it. You can make sponsored videos to promote and make money from advertisers. Also, Crowdfunding is a method where your loving fans donate some amount.

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