7 Successful Tips to Create Powerful Resume for Digital Marketing Career

7 Successful Tips to Create Powerful Resume for Digital Marketing Career


Considering, building a resume is not a frequent thing you do and updating it is not the favorite part, here is some helpful information. Building a resume is usually an activity done when you are searching for a job. And for getting a dream job in Digital Marketing, you need to create a powerful resume. For a single job position, there are thousands of applications HRs have to look for. To pick suitable resumes, all they have to do is filter resumes that fit the job profile. And to stand out your resume in the rush you need to concentrate some points and make a resume that will be caught by recruiters.

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Here in this post, are tips to make a resume for freshers as well as experienced people.

Digital Marketing Career
Digital Marketing Career

1. Master Resume:

Well, this might be very new for you. A master resume is a place where you can write everything you have done to date. A resume cannot be more than 2-3 pages whereas Master Resume has no such limit. This is just to remember every small or big project or activity you have done everything till now, that you might forget in the future. Maintaining a Master Resume will help you in the future also when there is a need to update your resume. No one is going to read your resume nor you will upload it somewhere, but this is just for your record.


2. Keywords:

Being Digital Marketer you know the importance of suitable keywords. When you apply for a job on some job portal with your resume, it is scanned by a process called Applicant Tracking System. To bring your resume to the top position in the filtering process, you need to include keywords related to your job profile and previous experience. If you are applying for the Digital Marketing Executive Position then add a keyword like “Digital Marketing Executive-Resume”. Similarly, if you are applying for Social Media Executive position then you should write Social Media Executive-Resume. Doing this will make your resume find easily by recruiters and you get your dream job profile and company.


3. Writing Job Profile:

While creating your job profile write your name in a bigger font that will be easily readable. After that when you write your contact information, note some points.

  • Do not write the detailed address mentioning the flat number and all. Just an area with the city name and country name is enough.
  • Provide the current contact number and write the country code at the starting of your number.
  • Mention professional id and not casual mail ids with weird names.
  • Also, include social media profile links if you think they will add more value to it. Otherwise, it is not compulsory.

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4. Showcase Skills:

This is the section that makes you different from others. Here you can write technical skills and tools you have used during your projects. Being Digital Marketers you can mention your skills like Email Marketing, Data Analysis, Social Media Marketing, etc. These are the skills that make you stand apart from your competitors.

5. Writing Career Objective:

This part should include your experience and how you can contribute to the growth of the company and yourself. You should avoid a statement that indicates unprofessionalism and is written just to impress the recruiter.

Following is an example to write skills & Career objectives.


6. Applying for Multiple Job Positions:

Each position might demand a specific skill set that you have to fit and get selected. If you keep applying for multiple job positions with a single resume, it creates confusion for the recruiter. And for this, you can create slightly different versions of your resume that clearly describe you can fit that particular role.

7. Profile Summary:

In this section, you can write about skills and how you can utilize them for the benefit of the company. It should include all the necessary information that a recruiter is looking for and want to know about you. Along with your skills, you can clarify how you can utilize them for the profit of the company and deliver desirable output. This is a short section from which a recruiter can extract all the information about your work and decide whether you are right for the position or not. You can also get your resume reviewed by experts and make necessary changes.

This is all for building a strong resume for Digital Marketing Career. If you think there might be some additional noteworthy points one can add to the resume then let us know through the comment section below.


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