Video Marketing Tips

2021 Guide to Video Marketing Tips, Challenges & Benefits

2021 Guide to Video Marketing Tips, Challenges & Benefits


In the previous few years, video content has progressively increased as the most popular tool for advertising. In 2019, marketers cannot ignore videos. They’re everywhere, and as a marketer, you need to be present on that platform. We tell you how you can do that just follow these video marketing tips.

If you own a smartphone, you have been consuming video content in almost every single task you do on your smartphone in your waking time. E.g. a quick scroll of your Instagram timeline will give you a journey of Insta stories, most popular videos from pages or account you follow on IGTV, carousel ads from brands in your Instagram feed, and in-stream video ads clip as well. Video has seeped into all paths possible!

In fact, in our mobile-1st world, a study has shown that the internet is set to catch up to the TV in 2019 in terms of hours of video viewed. According to research, users will be spending 2.6 hours a day on the internet, and 2.7 hours a day watching YouTube in 2019. The study also reports that a regular person will spend 45 minutes of their time on the internet watching mobile videos clips in 2019. As a marketer, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that low-hanging sweet fruit.

Video Marketing Tips
Video Marketing Tips

Here are some statistics every promoter should consider:

  • 81% of businesses use video clips as a marketing tool
  • Globally, IP video traffic will account for 82 percent of traffic by 2022
  • 90% of clients claim videos help them make purchase choices

If you are looking forward to including video in your marketing strategies, these are tips that can help you.

  • Videos clips are made with smartphones these days and your brand wants to consider doing the same to gain the benefits. Studies have shown that in 2018 a regular person would have consumed close to 45 minutes every day watching mobile videos clips online. Instagram jumped onto this trend early on with IGTV, with vertical or rectangular video formats, as opposed to the old-style horizontal tactic. YouTube soon followed suit.
  • Facebook too, took a more mobile-1st To make it effective for the mobile-feed atmosphere, they shortened the video clips, improved the aspect ratio to square to advance visibility in the timeline feed atmosphere, added text to transfer the message without sound & moved the original brand mention before. Facebook claims that doing, therefore, resulted in a very 3-point rise in ad recall, 2X additional impressions reached the promoter’s branding section of the video, and an 8-point increase in message association.
  • It is expected that in 2019, promoters will be spending around $20 billion on mobile video ads, up from $2 billion since 2012. That means mobile video clips will account for almost a fifth of all digital display advertising by 2019.
  • Videos are among the most multipurpose strategies content marketers can leverage. For starters, they can be cooked up, loaded up, cut up, and served up in a wide variety of techniques.
  • Work well in both long and short formats – from 6-second Vine videos clip to full-length documentary movies, and everywhere in between
  • Be timely, individual statement pieces or ongoing episodic conversations that unfold over time
  • Be presented as the main course or served as a pre-roll promotion sample
  • Succeed in basically any content platform – e.g., your website, blog, or other maintained channels, in emails on third-party video sites like YouTube or inside SlideShare presentations and webinars
  • Be well suitable to be consumed on both the desktop and mobile environments
  • Be repackaged, repurposed, and republished in combination with your other important content efforts
  • Be shareable on social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat

Video Marketing Challenges

While video offers plenty of advertising muscle, it’s not the easiest technique to master or achieve.

There’s an amount to be paid: While the availability of mobile smartphone cameras and inexpensive editing tools have created the method cheaper than ever if you want your video content to be seen as experts and authoritative, you need to maintain a certain quality standard That usually means that a minimum of some investment in cameras, editing software, lighting, and sound instrumentality, as well as in the specialized skill required to manage the production process from conception to completion.

The video landscape is noisy and competitive: According to CMI’s 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends research, 79% of B2B marketers and 82% of B2C marketers in North America are using some form of this tactic. However packed the enjoying field is, simply because your business has the budget and manufacture resources to form exciting, high-quality video content doesn’t mean your efforts can mechanically come to through the desired brand recognition and promotion results.

However, the industry is faced with three major challenges associated with using video as a marketing tool.

  • Getting the audience
  • Collecting audience data
  • Analyzing audience data

Lead generation and different pipeline-related challenges are obvious first choices.

Every year brings its own trials and opportunities within the advertising world, and 2019 will not be an exception. As marketing trends come and go, and as businesses use various marketing techniques to attract the customer base, one has to contemplate how to navigate in the ever-changing marketing world. This is why we tend to take a deeper consideration of the selling globe to check what comes next for businesses in terms of advertising for 2019 and beyond!


Benefits of Video Marketing

Video is useful for more than entertainment, too. Video on landing pages is capable of skyrocketing conversion rates by 80%, and therefore the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line will increase open rates by 19%. 90% of consumers also say video clips help them make buying decisions.

But a video hasn’t solely reworked however businesses market and customers shop; it is also revolutionized however salespeople connect with and convert prospects and the way service groups support and delight customers.

In short, video is unbelievably helpful throughout the complete flywheel — not simply to heighten brand awareness.


Small businesses used to be at a disadvantage when it came to video marketing. The barriers to entry were just too steep. Fortunately, in today’s advertising landscape, creating video content currently provides additional benefits than drawbacks. Below are some of the high benefits of video ads marketing for small businesses.


  • Increase Brand Awareness with Video
  • Video Can Increase Your Online Presence
  • Video Will Boost Social Media Engagement
  • You Can Build Trust with Video
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Enhance Your Mobile Marketing
  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Increased Ad Effectiveness with Video
  • Catch the Consumer’s Eye
  • Improved Open and Click-Through Rates
  • Emotional Connection and Trust
  • More Conversions

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If you intend to integrate video into your 2019 advertising plan

“Be engaging and unique.”

“Be mobile-friendly.”

“Stick to a regular, optimized upload schedule.”
2019 offers an enormous chance for growth in the video advertising space. By using these video marketing tips in your advertising plans, you can opt for a more modified approach to content marketing, which will certainly help you increase your target audience and thereby scale your business.

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