Effective Tips to Create Awesome Photos for Social Media

Effective Tips to Create Awesome Photos for Social Media


Social media has become far more visual, and graphics, videos, and images seem to be used everywhere. This isn’t exactly surprising people tend to process visuals almost 600,000 times faster than words, so it makes sense that visual content is so engaging. At times, though, creating this kind of content can be a hassle.

Photos for Social Media
Photos for Social Media

Here are 4 tips to help you easily create visual content :

  • Less Text: Stick to simple, engaging text and focus the rest of your attention on the graphics.


  • High-Quality Stock Photos: To convince people to like and share your content, using high-quality, eye-catching photos is key. Your photos are also a reflection of your company, so the better pictures you have, the better your reputation will be.


  • Wide Range Of Content: Repetition of the same type of graphics will bore your audience. Try using a variety of images, such as quote graphics, infographics, or photography to hold the reader’s attention.


  • Visual Trends: One of the current trends in social media is simple, straightforward graphics.  And here’s a tip: If you’re looking for what types of images are trending, search Pinterest.

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We all know how Thumbs Up, Coke, Pepsi, and Oreo have built huge social media followings, but what if you’re not a mega-brand? How about if you just set up a blog and had no real online presence beforehand?

Once, it was enough maybe even novel to share a visual image on social media every once in a while. Now, if you’re not using visual images, you are already behind. But the popularity of using visual images in social media has not slashed their effectiveness.

 Facebook posts with visual pictures see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. And it isn’t simply Facebook,  Tweets with pictures receive 150% more retweets than tweets without visual images.



 Best Social Media Image Editing Apps




Best For



Powerful template-based graphic creation Web, iOS

Adobe Spark

Minimalistic, modern designs Web, iOS

Pablo by Buffer

Quick-adding custom images to your social posts Web


Design experience on a mobile device Web, iOS, Android


Fast text design Web

Gravit Designer

More advanced social media graphic design Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS


You want to make a visual image that will catch your followers’ eyes, something different that will make them click and share and keep watching for the next best things you post. You also don’t need to pay a great deal of your time or money to create these pictures.

The secret to creating these kinds of visual images is having a lot of great templates and design style types (images, icons, shapes, text styles) all readily available, so all you have to do is mix, match, and message with these 5 Social Media Image Editing web Apps.




This means any information you want to communicate with the audience is better communicated in the form of visual images. It also indicates that for an internet user skimming the web (or your website) you’ll be able to communicate more value, quicker.

Images on social media get a lot of engagement than links or text. Images on your website have a higher chance of being shared on the internet than anything else.


Photo editing tools are easier to use, and people are slowly but surely observing how much brand engagement they stand to receive if they can communicate with images rather than words.


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