Digital Marketing Career Scope Eligibility Jobs Salary In India (2021)

Digital Marketing Career Scope | Eligibility | Jobs | Salary In India (2021)

Digital Marketing Career Scope | Eligibility | Jobs | Salary In India (2021)


Digital Marketing is a buzzword in today’s world. Everywhere you will be able to listen the word Digital Marketing which has certainly lots of benefits in terms of many aspects.

Let’s start about why Digital Marketing is far way better than Traditional Marketing. There are many things along with the initiative by the government of India which is named Digital India, Digital Marketing is being accepted by all. Also, the second thing about Digital Marketing is it is a very cost-effective technique to reach your target audience. The following graph will show you the price difference between traditional and digital marketing.

To reach marketing goals, time is also a factor that needs to be taken into account. Looking at the difference between results produced by these two marketing methods, you can reach up to a maximum number of targeted people within less time through digital marketing. Also, you can track your targeted audience in digital marketing which is not possible in traditional methods.

These are some main reasons that every single business out there is moving towards marketing its product or service digitally. No doubt this field has a promising career which you can definitely look for. In this post, you will get to enhance your knowledge about Digital Marketing Career Scope, Eligibility, Jobs, and Salary in India.

Digital Marketing Career
Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing Career Scope in India

As mentioned above, Digital Marketing is growing rapidly. Whether it’s a private or public business, it is implemented by every product or service business to reach up to every single person. So it’s obvious that there is a continuous demand for professionals in Digital Marketing who will understand products, target audiences, use a proper budget, and market their products.


Still, it’s a growing field and by 2020 the whole world will be digital. From this, it is clear that Digital Marketing has huge demand in any kind of industry today. Once you complete Digital Marketing Course you will have many career opportunities to choose from. To get an idea of how many jobs are available on different job search platforms and the salary is given, observe the following table.


As with many other courses, it is not the field where you are bound to the fixed-hour job. People can choose to freelance also where you can work from home in your comfort zone and earn also. Even if you choose an office job, there are benefits too. You will get a handsome salary and can give space to your creativity by using your imagination power of creativity. Because marketing is a field where you have to study people’s minds and create an ad that will give desired output to you.

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Digital Marketing Eligibility in India

There are no such specific criteria for doing this course. Anyone with sufficient computer knowledge can pursue this course with interest.


A working professional who wants to change working field, a housewife who wants to restart her career, a degree holder who is looking for a Job, a business owner who wants to grow business, IT professionals, Salesperson who wants to gain add on knowledge, etc. can surely Join Digital Marketing Course. No matter what you have done previously, Digital Marketing Course has its arms open for you and everyone.

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Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Every organization has a different duration of Digital Marketing Course. Once you complete these few month’s duration courses with certification, you are ready to apply for different company interviews. As per recent research, this field will generate near about 20 lakh job openings by the end of 2020 and this number is huge that indicates increasing serious demand for Digital Marketing Experts. Before stepping into this career, it’s obvious to have questions like what Job titles you can get into a company. To answer this question we have enlisted a few of them below.

➡️SEO Executive

➡️Digital Marketing Executive

➡️Campaign Manager

➡️Online Marketing Manager

➡️Digital Marketing Specialist

➡️Social Media Expert

➡️Brand Manager etc.

Students can simply start with the internship and further get desired roles as per experience.

Digital Marketing Salary in India

Whenever demands exceed supply, price increases and this situation is the same for Digital Marketing. The industry needs specialists who have the knowledge and can use it to the fullest. This is the reason Digital Marketing offers handsome salary to people who deserve. Though the amount differs from city to city and organization to organization an entry-level person can get a package of about 2 lakhs a year. As your experience in this field increases, payscale also increases.

Hope this information was everything you were looking for. Still, have doubts? Contact us and our team is ready to serve you. If you are willing to join Best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune then visit PIIDM which will cover every related and latest topic in Digital Marketing and make you an industry expert.

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