Why Digital Marketing is Important for Local Businesses?

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Local Businesses?


This is the 21st century and in this world, technology is evolving beyond expectations and the internet is one of them. The world is coming together because of the internet. Businesses are connecting with their customer in a better way just because of the rapid growth of the internet.

There were times where people use to go physically to take your product or service. Now customers prefer to search online and buy online.

Let’s have a look at the statistical information in India about the use of the internet and digital devices.

  • According to a report, 35% of people are using the internet in 2019 and this data is going to increase to 56% or even more by the end of 2025.
  • The top 3 activities done on mobile are and will be: Social Media, Entertainment, and Emails.

If you are running a business then you have to look one step ahead and this will help you with an idea of what’s coming in the future.

If you are having a business that serves the local community as if you have a medical store or cafe or restaurant etc then digital marketing is the next big thing for you. Along with the regular traditional methods, every local business should try digital marketing. Many businesses have myths about applying digital strategies to their businesses like some think it won’t work for their particular business. Some think it’s not worth it. In reality, you just need to pick the right thing for you and you will observe the benefits by yourself.

Digital Marketing For Local Businesses
Digital Marketing For Local Businesses

Some of the common activities you can try for your business are:

Business Listing on Google:

You will love Google once you start seeing more customers in your local business. Google has started Google My Business for listing businesses and get them found by people nearby easily. All you have to do is visit Google My Business and fill in all the business details like opening days and hours, closing days and hours, address, business website, phone number, etc.

You can also add photos to showcase your business to build trust. While listing you have to fill in details carefully. One is to claim your business from Google and the second for not giving your customers the wrong information.

Presence on Social Media:

It’s has become hard to find people who are not using social media. Knowing your audience, it is fair to be available where your customers are already present. You can simply choose unpaid methods like creating a page on Facebook, making a WhatsApp business account, creating an Instagram business account, being present on Twitter, etc.


To read Facebook from a Business Point of View visit here.

If your business is something where you can make your presence using only images and video then Pinterest and Instagram are enough.

You can also go for paid methods of social media to get instant more profit. And investing in marketing for your business won’t be a loss for sure.

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Website Creation:

For any digital activity, having a website is very important. Talking about the local business which is non-technical, it’s a bit difficult to create a website on their own. Here, you can learn a website design course or you can approach experts for it. If you are in Pune and want to make a beautiful website for your business then there are lots of Web Design Courses in Pune available.

Also, you can always keep an eye on your website to check how it’s performing. To know more read Role of Google Analytics in Digital Marketing.

Sending Mails:

For businesses, there is tremendous competition arising now, and as time passes this will continue to be growing. To make your mark you have to keep identifying techniques to reach your customers. Using email marketing it is possible to follow people who have shown interest in your business. You can run campaigns to take their follow-up and convert them into customers. All you need is the mail ids of your visitors. Through email marketing, you can tell people about your offers, special discounts, coupons or events, etc. Also, you can always tell them what’s new in your store.

Create Online Groups:

In this, you can make a group of people who need your service and can buy in the future. You can create groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and aware customers about your product. You can also join online communities where you can be connected to people and build trust. Doing this you become a valuable source of information and automatically people would like to visit your shop.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for local  business:

  • Help local people and find you more efficiently.
  • Reach more ideal customers.
  • Build trust with your audience.
  • Measure the growth of your business.
  •  Increase in sales.
  • Reach all the places digitally where your customers are spending their time
  • Save money in comparison to traditional marketing.

Well, these are some common activities that come under digital marketing with its benefits. To gain more knowledge, you can always join Digital Marketing Training in Pune and enter the ocean of digital education.

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