Let’s Understand Facebook From Business Point of View

Let’s Understand Facebook From Business Point of View

Let’s Understand Facebook From Business Point of View


We all know Facebook as a social media platform where it has features to share beautiful moments with Photos, Videos, Check-Ins, etc. It is one of the biggest social media platforms with 1 million active users and the number is still getting bigger day by day. The same is the case with Instagram. Imagine if you can reach these people with the right strategy, what can it give to your business.

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It has so many features that a normal user might not know. But being a Digital Marketer or a business person, you can understand its features and what it can offer to a business.


For personal use, we create a Facebook account, and for business having an active page is considered professional. Creating a Facebook page is absolutely free of cost and takes hardly 15 mins. But the next part takes effort unless you are already a reputed brand.

What’s the difference between a Personal Account and Facebook Page?

For a personal account, there is a limit of adding 5,000 people whereas for a Facebook page, there is no such limit for likes.

A profile is something where people share personal information and a page represents you as a business (Unless you are creating a celebrity page).

For being friends on the Facebook account you have to accept the friend request from both sides whereas anyone can like the page and get updates.

For your business, you can create a page by filling in all the information needed. In this process, you have to upload a profile picture, cover photo with the required size. Fill about section in detail so that whenever a new user visits your page he/she can understand about your business and what can you offer them, thoroughly. Your page will be like a timeline where you can post new things in your business, respond to comments, allow users to contact you, create events, go live, provide your business website, etc.

To reach more people Facebook has launched a Group feature to pages where you can create a group related to your brand. For this, first, you need a Facebook page and then you can create a group to go with that page. Using these groups, you can discuss with its members and engage more. Unlike creating a page, creating a group is also free.

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Facebook is evolving day by day and offering new features to its users. Recently it has launched a new section called Marketplace. If you are a product selling business then this feature can give you a lot. You just have to list your product with its details and it becomes ready to sell. When you list your product, it is easily searchable for people on Facebook.

Similarly, Jobs is a new thing on Facebook. You can hire employees for your company through this section. You might have seen many groups where people are either searching for a job or posting to hire employees. Facebook jobs is a place where both ends meet the requirement.

In the Event section, you can tell your audience about an upcoming event your business conducting like a meetup or an expert interview. This will surely will add value to your business and who knows someone becomes your customer.

Considering paid options for marketing provides different objectives with a targeted audience for marketing. Well, that will discuss in another post.

All these techniques are not hard but it takes practice to be good at handling its features.

Facebook isn’t a just social media platform to spend time. It has become a powerful thing for businesses and marketers. Don’t let your business by not being on Facebook. Get started immediately.

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