How to Increase your Organic Reach in 2021

How to Increase your Organic Reach in 2021


Social media is a boon for those who know how to create engaging content. People with the talent of influencing on social media have made a stable income out of it. For a micro-level influencer, there are around 5000-25000 people following their content every day. So just posting some content on social media won’t make your audience interested either will it reach out.

Although there are paid forms of social media marketing available not everybody can afford them. While on the other hand organic way of increasing your reach is free of cost but it takes a lot of patience and detailed research.

Organic Reach
Organic Reach

What is Organic Reach?

Let’s start with the basics- on a digital platform to increase your reach organically is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. As it requires you to create extraordinary content that will influence your followers and keep them engaged to view your posts over and over.

Increasing your organic reach simply means increasing your reach of the audience without using any paid forms of promotions to your content. It requires you to create genuine content that actually interests people and keeps them engaged.

Why is Increasing Organic Reach so Important?

Paid form of promotion can always be a part of your marketing strategy but, increasing your audience organically means that you have genuine content posted on your page and people actually like it. Let’s know more about the importance of organic reach in social media:

  • Cost-Effective: social media platforms provide a strong base for businesses to promote their business to mass. Businesses can either choose to follow an organic way of promoting or an inorganic way of promoting their businesses. But when it comes to promoting a new business it becomes very difficult to follow up with an inorganic mode of promotions as they require a daily or a fixed budget of money and not all businesses can afford it especially start-ups. So organic is the best way to showcase a business and its products within a budget.
  • Attracting Genuine Audience: while you promote your business through your pure and original content without any paid promotions, you are more likely to attract a type of audience those are genuinely interested in your product as they directly look for your segment of product or services.
  • Building a base for the long run: paid forms of promotions are good for businesses that need to see immediate results. For example, if there is an event to be hosted or similar events then paid form of promotions to work the best as they show immediate results but, for a specific time period only. While on the other hand, an organic promotion builds a sense of trust about the business and is beneficial for the long run. As the viewers see that there is more original content on your page it keeps them loyal to your page and keeps them engaged.
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How to Increase your Organic Reach in 2021

Even if we want to promote our businesses in the best possible way organically we do not know how to exactly do it. It’s easier said than done. Creating content is the biggest challenge. Here are some amazing tips to build your organic reach.

  1. Optimize your social media: that’s right, social media like Facebook and Instagram have something called optimizing your social media page. And it is done in the same manner as it is done while optimizing your website for SEO. Optimization of social media refers to the addition of long-tail keywords to your page. What will happen further is that when your audience browses for a specific thing that is mentioned in your page description, Facebook would rank your page on the top? This increases your page’s visibility.
  2. Research and analysis: social media is no more a platform where you can just post pictures of your product. It is now hardcore marketing that requires detailed research and analysis of your social media and competitive analysis of what is that your competitor is promoting. Strategize your posts that will keep your audience engaged.
  3.  Experiment: analyze your profile and observe the same. Look into what kind of posts work for you. There are multiple options when it comes to posting your content. Keep experimenting with them post a video or promote your subsidiaries, upload pictures. And then when you’ve tried most of it analyze what keeps your audience engaged. Post a similar kind of thing frequently. It would be a slow growth definitely but, even if there is 1% of your audience viewing your content it would be shared and promoted automatically if it keeps them engaging.
  4. Frequency of Posting: it is very important to know when to post! What is more important is how frequently you are visible in front of your audience. Also, people have a myth regarding posting pictures during peak hours. Please don’t do that!! This will just let you post drown into all other posts that have been uploaded at the same time. For example, posting on:

Facebook during: Thursday –Friday (1 pm-3 pm)

Twitter during: Weekends (12 pm-6 pm)

LinkedIn during: Tuesday-Thursday (7 am/8 am & 5 pm/6 pm)

Not necessary that you post on these timing only they are just observation. Posting timings are variable.

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The inorganic promotion will show you immediate results for a shorter duration of time. On the other hand, Organic reach will be for a longer time. And it would build a sense of trust amongst the audience. Also, it satisfies the basic requirements on social media platforms to be distinctive in nature and gets promotes easily. Know more of these basic to advance digital marketing skills from the  Online Digital Marketing Course.