7 Reasons to Create Your Website on WordPress

7 Reasons to Create Your Website on WordPress


WordPress is the most used platform for website creation and blogging. More than 28% of all websites are powered using WordPress, it’s a simple yet powerful tool for new Bloggers and Users. There are more advantages than disadvantages to using the WordPress Platform. Just a few clicks and your website is ready to launch that’s how easy websites can be created using WordPress.


1. It’s Free to use

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you’re creating using WordPress it’s free to use. WordPress is also an open-source platform which means we can also make changes to the source code to improve it or for customizing purposes.


2. Easy to Use

To create a website with WordPress is simple as if we are installing an application on our mobile, just a few clicks and we are ready to start. It is also beginner-friendly even those who do not have any knowledge about WordPress can use it. Managing a WordPress website does not require any skills in coding.


3. SEO Friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most import aspect of any Website and WordPress website is out of the box SEO friendly and tend to rank higher than other CMS provider. WordPress also has many plugins which help to improve the SEO performance of a website, such as Yoast.


4. Safe and Secure

The WordPress CMS platform is regularly updated and of course, its plugins are also updated, it is more secure than before and users should take caution and download plugins only from trusted developers and sites.


5. Plugins and Themes

We can customize and any feature we like in WordPress using Plugins and Themes, it is as simple as installing the mobile app. WordPress Themes and Plugins are available in many ways, most of the plugins are free to use and the paid version of those plugins is also available.


6. Social Media Integration

We can link the WordPress website to social channels (such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and the users can also share posts to social media which helps to drive more traffic and revenue.


7. eCommerce Ready

Many businesses rely on selling their products online and using WordPress we can integrate eCommerce functionality in minutes. WordPress has many plugins and themes through which we can sell and manage products online, such as WooCommerce and WP E-commerce.


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