Why is Social Media Influence Licence Mandatory in UAE?

Why is Social Media Influence Licence Mandatory in UAE?

Why is Social Media Influence Licence Mandatory in UAE?


Social Media has gone far more than just being a kid’s leisure time chatting and posting selfies. This timepass that our parents used to ask us to stay away a few years ago has become the major reason for the way we perceive the world today. Accept it or not social media has a great influence on us. And people have generated a lot of income through social media. These people who are capable of influencing people into buying a product or services have a great targeted audience that trusts and beliefs in the opinion for purchasing any kinds of services or products.  And believe it or not, being an influencer on social media is a difficult job but, it also gets an equally higher amount of money. And as any activity that leads to the generation of profitable income is considered a commercial activity. Now let’s see what is the blogging and social media influencer’s license fuzz all about.


Social Media Influence
Social Media Influence
What is a Social Media influencer’s license?

Asocial Media Influencer’s license is a permit to an individual or a company for generating income through the means of social media. The social media influencer’s license is only mandatory in UAE Dubai till now. This license is categorized to function under the NMC (National Media Council). The NMC deals with all the content that is related to the broadcasting of any kind of information to the public.

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To whom does this rule levy?

Though this rule is strictly mandatory for people you are making money out of it but, of course, the government cannot be that cruel to block all the possible ways of earning money through the internet or ask people to pay for sharing their personal life on the internet by their choice. There are a few criteria that one must match to be able to have a social media influencer license. Let’s have a look at these criteria one by one:

  1. You have to be a citizen of the UAE:

The UAE consists of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. So, to attain the license of being a social media influencer in UAE you have to have citizenship of at least one of these countries or amongst one of the Gulf Corporation Council Countries and only then you are counted as a credible person to attain this license.

  1. Age:

Ok, this factor in some cases might be necessary irrespectively of the age but as we see there are more young influencers of social media. So, to attain a social media influencer license you have to be age 25 or above.

  1. NO!! Quid pro quo :

So, this basically means that you get something in return for influencing your audience. Now, this does not mean if you yourself are buying a product and reviewing it and earning out of your views, you do not necessarily have to get this license. But, if you are doing a review or any kind of influential video that is sponsored or you are receiving any cash or kind you are liable to have this license before receiving either of them.

  1. Reputation Matters:

If you do not have a reputation for influencing, then please find some interesting content to be delivered to your audience. But, if you are quite popular amongst your targeted audience then it is a must for you to have this license.

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How to apply for Social Media Influencer’s License and the Cost:
  1. One can directly apply through the official website of NMC. As soon as you go to the website page select “websites & social media A/C specialized for online marketing”. Later register yourself as a social media influencer and pay the amount for the same.

Note:  Before acquiring this license for you as in an individual company one must have a permit or trade license. And you must register yourself as a firm.

2. The fees for attaining the license of Social Media Influencer cost you would have to pay is ADE 15,000. And there is a separate fee for a trade license that is ADE 15000.

3.  Before applying to go to the website and check your criteria. If you are a person who is already associated with NMC in their projects then you do not have to bear the expenses, NMC would do that for you.

4. Also, very important to know that before applying for the license you should check if you match all the criteria.

5. If a person tries to violate this rule and doesn’t have a social media influencer’s license and trade license then the person is liable to pay AED 5000.

There are three simple reasons so as why this code is levied:
  • Increasing Professionalism: social media content is quite influential because the viewers are continuously watching a particular content and this works as brain hammering to the viewer’s mind. This license would give a professional touch and enhance the transparency of this content.
  • Control the content: yes it says it all!! So there is so much content on the internet to anybody and everybody who has accessibility to the internet. So, to control what should and shouldn’t influence the audience the rule is imposed.
  • Commercial motive: if people are going to use their power of influencing others to make money out of it then it is obvious that this space of commercialization should be in an organized manner.

So, this is all about why is Social Media Influencing license mandatory in UAE, Dubai. To learn more about social media marketing find a seat in the Online Digital Marketing Course