How AI Plays A Major Role In Digital Marketing And Its Future

How AI Plays A Major Role In Digital Marketing And Its Future

AI In Digital Marketing :


   Easy access to smartphones and affordable data plans has led to increased access to the internet worldwide. Therefore if companies want to find and connect with possible prospects, create their brand awareness, sell them products and services, and engage them in future marketing through online platforms is a necessity. Hence the scope for digital marketing in various companies and firms has increased exponentially. Studies by Global data show that the growth of Indian e-commerce markets is predicted to push to 7 trillion rupees by 2023 majorly due to lockdowns.

How AI Plays A Major Role In Digital Marketing And Its Future
AI In Digital Marketing

       Since the last couple of years, the face of the digital marketing industry has been changing and has shown considerable development. One such development is the constantly increasing use of Artificial Intelligence or AI in digital marketing. Over the past couple of decades or so the scope of AI has vastly increased in a variety of fields, mainly due to technological advancements. Artificial intelligence is responsible for the development and changing of various industries ranging from tech to finance. It is predicted that by the end of 2025 the Artificial Intelligence industry will increase up to 190 billion dollars. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing has changed the way of how brands connect to their audience.

         One example of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is the increasing use of chatbots for providing customer service. A chatbot is a specific computer software program that imitates human conversation in form of speech or text by using Artificial Intelligence. A chatbot can help a customer answer questions regarding a product or service, help them in solving issues, and even help the customer redirect to a particular website section. Hence chatbots can greatly reduce the problems of unnecessary full inboxes and the time taken to search content for providing solutions.

            Search Engine Optimization or SEO in digital marketing has particularly seen an influence of Artificial Intelligence in its growth. SEO professionals need to be updated with the latest trends and search engine searches as it keeps changing every 60 days. Predictive Artificial Intelligence tools like Marketbrew can help you regularly change and update your web content. Similarly, companies who want to improve their rankings over their competitors can use similar SEO tools to increase their Search Engine Ranking Positions.

              Cyber footprints like cookies are traces of a particular user’s online activity which is tracked and studied by artificial intelligence to understand user preferences. Artificial Intelligence can provide an impetus to the growth of not only SEO but also personalized Marketing, optimizing sales, and understanding and predicting user behavior. According to 84% of marketing executives, the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing helps their company to maintain a marketing strategy for sustained growth.

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              Due to the precision of work and reduced Marketing costs and error scope of artificial intelligence will be ever increasing in the future. A real-time customer decision hub will enrich the user experience by customizing user recommendations. Natural language processing or NLP which helps to understand customer mindset will be more intuitive in the future by accurately gauging customer preferences by their written history. Virtual Assistants like Alexa will be more intelligent and intuitive in the future thereby improving and enhancing the functioning of Chatbots.

                 The fast-paced customer at present time expects the brand and companies to understand its expectations completely and to keep up with the ever-increasing user expectations Artificial Intelligence can be a great boon for companies in the future. In fact, by the end of 2020 85% of the customer interactions will be handled by Artificial Intelligence Chatbots. Looking at how close is the human experience to technology in the modern world it is safe to say that Artificial Intelligence is the future of digital marketing.

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