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5 Best WordPress Plugin To Boost Your Site SEO Ranking In 2021

5 Best WordPress Plugin To Boost Your Site SEO Ranking In 2021


Search engines are key when it comes to driving traffic onto websites; hence it is integral
that your website is optimized, to increase the ranking and significantly grow your
As once said by Wendy Piersall
“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”
Google’s mission is to crawl all data on your page, organize information online and
present it so that the “best” is at the top of the search results.
How does Google determine what is “best”?
Google’s algorithm takes into account many factors related to On-Page SEO; but one of
the most important signals is the number of websites that reference, or link, to the
information.  Each link is like a vote in that website’s favor telling Google that it deserves
to rank high in the search results.
The ones who don’t make the cut often end up on the second page.
Hence, it’s important that websites are optimized.
Often once we start working with WordPress, we wonder how to go about the various
plugins and the tools offered that would help enhance the performance/ranking of our
website. This could be quite overwhelming for those who are using WordPress for the
first time.

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While most of the blogs speak about the top plugins it’s important you understand the
know-how for each plugin and use so according to your convenience.
In this blog, we speak about the best SEO plugins that are both integral and easy to use
to help your page get Traffic onto it, Research Competitors, and Dominate your Niche.

5 Best WordPress Plugin To Boost Your Site SEO Ranking In 2021
WordPress Plugins

5 Best WordPress Plugin To Boost Your Site SEO Ranking In 2021

Breaking down the list of 100+ plugins to choose from; below are the ones we

1. Rank Math: All in one SEO Plugin

Helps with tons of On-page and Technical SEO tasks.

  • Integrated with Google Search Console.
  • Preview SERPs and add Rich Snippets super easily.
  • Add Structured Data.
  • Quickly add no follow tags to links
  • Identifies any errors google sees on your site
  • Generate Sitemaps

2. A3 Lazy Load: Lazy Loading Plugin

Super easy to use; Mobile oriented. It helps increase page speed.

  • Adds lazy load to media files like pictures/videos [Will only load once the
    User scrolls over it].
  • Recommended for posts, pages, thumbnails & widgets.

3. Short Pixel: Image Optimization Plugin

  • It helps compress large images.
    100 free compression per month.
  • Optimize all images with the click of a button.
  • Generate Sitemaps.

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4. W3 Total Cache: Caching Plugin

  • It helps optimize website performance.
  • CDN Support.
  • Minification of CSS, HTML & JavaScript.
  • Helps combine scripts.
  • Browser Caching.

5. Easy Table of Contents Plugin

Help create a table of contents for each post/page in just a few clicks.

  • User-friendly.
  • Helps improve time on page, bounce rate & Dwell time.
  • Helps win jump links in SERP, which will help increase CTR.

The above-listed 5 plugins are capable of resolving most of the issues that are
experienced while working on WordPress.
In case you’re using a significant number of plugins concurrently, there’ll be a probability
of slowing down the speed of your site.
Ideally, you should deactivate the plugins that you don’t use frequently and reactivate
them as and when required.
Finally, if none of these plugins help improve your ranking in SERPs, you should
consider moving to a better WordPress hosting provider.

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