What are Hashtags, Their Importance and How to use them??

What are Hashtags, Their Importance, and How to use them??


Social media has been a big part of our lives for more than a decade not only it has proven to be a source of entertainment in our lives but also been a great opportunity to promote ourselves and our businesses. And using hashtags in our posts has been the new trend that everybody seems to use. A hashtag is an octothorpe symbol (#) found on the number scale of your keypad. This was used in the social media site Twitter for the first time. Where it gave its users to apply dynamic user-generated tagging that helped them find social content related to a specific theme.
It was innovated by Chirs Messina in a 2007 tweet which was initially described by Twitter as a “thing for nerds”. Hashtags became a practice of writing style for Twitter posts during the 2009-2010 election protest. Today it is used by almost all social media users on every platform they are active on to promote their content and increase reachability. For example, on a photo-sharing social service called Instagram, if someone searches for #YOLO the user would achieve all the posts with this tagging in them.

The above statistics show the increasing number of posts related to the usage of only one hashtag throughout the years. The numbers of posts with #ad have been posted frequently and they have been searched and shared equally.
So, now that we have understood what is a hashtag and how it works let’s see why are hashtags in a social media post so important.

1. Increasing user engagement:

Posts with hashtags have seen a huge user engagement than posts without hashtags. As posts with hashtags are easily searchable and based on proper research they could be the best strategy for increasing organic reach and followers of your brand. Though it requires detailed research of what kind of audience you are targeting and which all hashtags could be engaging to them. It is also to be kept in mind that for different social media platforms there are a different number of hashtags that show the desired results.

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2. Promotion:

Hashtags today are not just used for the sake of building followers and targeting audiences rather it is mostly used to promote a particular social event or support a particular social movement. As the users are given the liberty to create their own hashtags they can either promote a brand, an event, a social movement (in favor or against the movement), supporting or being against a political amendment or maybe just promoting themselves. The following were ranked as the best hashtags for the year 2019.


3. Higher visibility and branding:

As digital marketing has proven to be a cheaper and much more effective way of promoting a growing business, hashtags play an equally important role in increasing visibility and building a brand. When the user searches for a specific hashtag that relates to your product they will also view your page that will follow by increasing your page viewers and your followers. This will also let you know what is the kind of audience that you should be targeting so that you can reach out to more people. It will also let you create your own hashtags and make a move that will keep your followers engaging with your brand.

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Now that you know what hashtags are and why they are important, let’s see how to use them?
  • First, it’s the basis of how exactly to write a hashtag it the hashtag symbol that you use first (#) and then without space, you can use words, numbers, characters: underscore, at, and many more, or you may use a combination of all of the verities.
  •  Secondly, do not just blindly apply hashtags to your posts. Use hashtags that are only relevant to the post. Applying hashtags blindly will not only be irrelevant to your post but also make your follower not interested in your content.
  •  Thirdly, it is important to know how many hashtags to use! That’s right, you cannot just put in as many as you like. Every social media platform has its set of showcasing genuine content, were as on Instagram using 11 hashtags reached out to a wide audience, it is the only usage of 2 hashtags that show relevant content on Twitter and 1 on Facebook.


Hashtags play a vital role in outstanding your content on social sites and increase your user engagement, further it increases your brand’s visibility. To know more about such great social media techniques join PIIDM the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune.