A Case Study on Swiggy’s Digital Marketing Strategy

A Case Study on Swiggy’s Digital Marketing Strategy

A Case Study on Swiggy’s Digital Marketing Strategy


Craving something? We all know what is the answer to this question. Yes. You are right. It’s none other than Swiggy. If you observe it has become the name in everyone’s head because of its digital advertisement through various digital channels. If not anything then at least you can not forget its non-skippable ad (Bumper ad) when you go to watch your videos on YouTube. Because Swiggy knows how to advertise. Now being Digital Marketer, we can understand its facts and strategies in terms of Digital Marketing concepts. Why not? The brand has become so popular just in 4 years and topped the list in food delivery service, it is thoughtful to look at its strategies to understand it.

A Case Study on Swiggy’s Digital Marketing Strategy
A Case Study on Swiggy

About Swiggy :

Swiggy is an online food delivery service headquartered in Bangalore. It was a startup founded by Nandan Reddy, Sriharsha Majety, both alumni of BITS Pilani along with Rahul Jaimini, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. The food delivery service was started in 2014 with 6 delivery boys providing food from 25 restaurants. Now in 2019, it has more than 6000 food delivery boys delivering from thousands of top restaurants like Burger King, CCD  in more than 8 cities in India like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, etc.

Audience: Looking at the target audience range of swiggy, it has a wide age group to cover like from age group 18 to above 55. This is one of the best plus points for swiggy to increase its customers and serve their favorite food. It has no restriction on people like their business, job, demographic area, interest, etc. They can cover anyone in the range who is hungry.

Search Engine Optimization :

Search Engine Optimization also matters whether it’s a global or local brand. Swiggy has a simple but beautiful and professional website with lots of food options available. Looking at SEO factors we know that on-page and off-page factors matter to rank better in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Swiggy has one h1 tag which should be ideally one only and at least one h2 tag which is also present on its website. Hungry? and Order food from favorite restaurants near you is h1 and h2 tags respectively. From a digital marketing perspective, h2 tags are important for a better understanding of a webpage to google what the page or website is about. Other factors like alt tags, interlinking, title tags all are done well with good keyword research. But the strongly looking at several quality backlinks it lags a little bit but still, it’s on top. You can also read about Reasons To Create a Website in WordPress and build your stunning one.


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Social Media Marketing :

Swiggy knows very well that its wide targeted audience is on most famous platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. for which it has grabbed the audience with its super awesome ads. It has maintained a very well presented on social media with 862k page likes on Facebook and 127k followers on Instagram, 121k subscribers on YouTube, and 65k followers on Twitter. (Note: All the data given here is recorded in March 2019). It has come up with various campaigns to create awareness and build a brand that has run successfully. They have ads and something new for every event that is going on and the undeniable fact that they succeed. Here is the one thing that can be learned from Swiggy is keep reaching to the audience with new ideas continuously. Behind the success of Swiggy, social media marketing has a big hand and this is the truth.

Email Marketing & SEM :

Email Marketing has been proved for many brands to reach people to succeed. Swiggy is no exception. It helps the brand to sustain existing customers and acquire new customers continuously to their subscriber list. This helps to increase awareness, drive traffic, and enhancing engagement. Swiggy runs outstanding email marketing campaigns each day and that’s why it has become Swiggy. And regarding paid search results, we know nothing is better than Google ads. Building social media presence and ranking organically is a long-term process where Google ads can help giving instant results. Swiggy runs several google ads to reach customers instantly giving discounts on food.

So it may have skipped some points of Swiggy’s Digital Marketing strategy but the most prominent are covered. Tell us through the comment section below how did you find this case study.

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