Top 5 Tools For Graphic Designer

5 Tools Used By Pro Graphic Designers – Upgrade Your Skills

The biggest asset for any graphic designer is creativity. When they work as a professional graphics designer, it is their responsibility to perfectly shape an idea into a creative masterpiece. While working, they probably use a variety of tools and resources on daily basis, however, there are a few tools, should be used by every pro graphic designer.

There are plenty of tools for web and graphic designers are available in the market, but choosing the best tool always provides efficiency and incredible results.

The creative graphics designer can sketch the idea in a notebook,  however, for the perfectly crafted outcome, they have to take the help of the software which can accompany them for the desired result.

Over the period of time graphics designing software are evolving and the designer needs to be aware of the best graphics designing tools. As such most professional graphic designers use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, etc. Here, is the list of the top 5 tools used by pro graphic designers.

Top 5 Tools For Graphic Designer

5 Tools Used By Pro Graphic Designers – Upgrade Your Skills


Adobe Photoshop

One of the oldest tools designed and developed for graphics designers, it is the one who has taken the artistic style in the digital world. Adobe Photoshop was released back in 1988. Over the last 30 years, it has always been the famous and most appreciated tool among beginners as well as professional graphic designers.

Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful tool that allows designers to perform all the activities, any professional graphic designer has dreamed of. Photoshop lets the designer perform 2D image manipulation, 3D image manipulation, compositing, video editing, image analysis, etc.

Learning Adobe Photoshop is an endless process, as it has a wide range of functionalities and with every new version, it comes up with an interesting feature to explore. Being a pro graphic designer is worth practicing photoshop.

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Adobe Illustrator

The industry-leading, Adobe Illustrator is another must-have tool for pro graphics designers. Adobe. inc has developed a vector graphics editor and design program called Adobe illustrator. Using it, designers can create various drawings, logos, edit photos, images generation, cartoons, etc.

Illustrator has become more popular among designer due to its capability of providing a variety of tools, effects, and filters, which let the designer creates designs such as logos, print material, website mockups, video games ad more with precisions.

The features of Adobe Illustrator allow the designer to create pixel-perfect artwork with high-quality suitable for digital as well as print media. It has gained popularity due to its accuracy and templates ensuring speed and usability.

The best part of Illustrator is that it comes with a third-party plugin, which gives freedom for customized plans as per the need.

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PicsArt is an online photo and video editing application launched in 2012. It has gained popularity among graphics designing enthusiastic because of the trendy features offered by it. Initially, it was launched as an Android application for image enhancement and video editing, now the web application is also available with more and easy-to-use features. This comes with the advanced technology of AI features and cloud savings.

The best part of the PicsArt is that for the basic functionality, the designer need not invest a lot more time. Even a designer with a basic understanding of graphics can create a wonderful image. With the advanced feature, there is always scope for creative and engaging graphics designs. It provides all the basic features such as one top enhancement of the image including image brightening, creating business promotions graphics, social media creatives, brochures, and poster making.

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Filestage is a collaborative application developed for simplifying and accelerating the review processes. It is an online evaluation and approval tool designed especially for graphics designers. This bridges the gap between the clients and other teammates. Using file storage, pro graphic designs can share their work with a variety of file formats such as photographs, blogs, pdf, and other images extensions.

The tool focuses on complete control over the review process and has a file-based structured review process It provides the to-do list and how the graphics should come up with the creative idea. This gives a clear vision for all the stakeholders with commenting platform for reviewing and improvising graphics. Filestage saves time and confusion, thus improving the performance and preciousness of the graphics designs.

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ProofHub is an awesome tool designed for pro graphics designers to do online proofing, reviewing, approving, discussing, and real-time communicating. It has inbuild chat apps, file structure to manage versions, file sharing, and cloud storage.

For an artist, the most difficult task is proofing and finalizing the concept. ProofHub is able to perform all the activities from discussing the agenda of the ceratin graphics, prototyping to finalizing it and allows review graphics at any stage of designing. It removes the lengthy and manual process of a series of emailing and proofing processes.

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Being a professional graphics designer, one must consider the creativity, superior features, useability, of the software. Selecting the right tool by pro graphic designers will surely make a significant difference in the designs.

Starting with the affordable tools or free trial version, then moving on to the paid version is always recommendable. Using the free trial, you will be comfortable and aware of how to use features more effectively and ways of creating finished and market-ready graphics.